What is Completion?

What is Completion?

Usenet is a passionate community. Millions of people interact daily, sharing ideas, information, and opinions. The amount of interactions that are stored and accessible is critical to a positive Usenet experience. That’s where completion comes in. So, what is completion? We explain.

What Is Completion?


Completion refers to a single, specific Usenet server. It measures how many articles that server stores, versus how many articles exist on Usenet in totality. In theory, a server could host all the Usenet articles. Usenet, though, is such a lively network. This means that while a Usenet server may get extremely close to storing all available articles, it would be dishonest to guarantee it.

Many factors can keep a server from storing every single article. Those factors include downtime, data loss, and even problems with feeding servers, to name a few.

Completion Rate

Completion rate is the concept of completion expressed as a percentage. It refers to the number of articles on a server, divided by the total number of articles available on Usenet. For example, if a server has a completion rate of 90 percent, that means it stores 90 percent of the articles available through Usenet.

Saying a certain Usenet server has a low completion rate means it’s missing quite a few articles, which could be stored on the server but aren’t.

It’s important to note that a completion rate is not exact. It’s always an estimated number, because nobody knows for sure exactly how many articles are available at any given time. Users who have a metered Internet connection or a slow connection are the most sensitive to completion rates. This is due to the cost associated with a unsuccessful download.

How to Troubleshoot Completion Issues

Dealing with problems surrounding completion can be frustrating. Fortunately, those problems aren’t without solutions. Follow these two steps to make sure you’re maximizing your completion rate.

1.) Try searching for a different version of the file

Usually, you can track down an alternate version, and it will download without any problems. If that’s the case, your solution is simple and you can move on.

2.) Switch your server

Newshosting offers several servers you can try out,  in case you’re having trouble with one. Some of the servers feature IPV4 connectivity, while others have IPV6, so keep that in mind before making a selection.

Newshosting Completion

Newshosting Completion

If you wish to avoid completion troubleshooting altogether, look no further than Newshosting. Newshosting offers the best completion rates on the market, thanks to:

99%+ completion rate

With access to over 100,000 uncensored newsgroups , you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for. Newshosting’s list of uncensored newsgroups is always growing, bringing you all the best completion available.

Industry-leading retention

Newshosting holds the distinction of being the first Usenet provider to reach 3,000 days binary retention. Every day, we add another day to our spooling data storage, with no plans of stopping. Retention and completion go hand in hand. The longer a post is stored, the higher the completion rate.

Server farms across North America and Europe

More servers means better completion. Newshosting owns and operates its own multi-gigabit server farms. They’re located throughout the United States and Europe, delivering the fastest Usenet and best completion.