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Newshosting offers access to SSL-protected Usenet ports so all your downloads benefit from the gold standard in Usenet security.

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Newshosting NNTP Server and Port Information

Connect to Usenet using the following server settings on your newsreader:

  • NNTP Server Address:


  • SSL-Secured Ports:

    563, 443

  • Unencrypted Ports:

    119, 23, 25, 80, 3128

What Is A Port?

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ports are used to identify specific types of network services and allow for standardized communication between devices. There are many different types of protocols for different port types, but Usenet is transported via the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) through several different SSL-secured or non-SSL-secured TCP ports.

SSL-Secured Ports vs Unencrypted Ports

SSL ports allow for secure and private Usenet downloading and browsing, while unencrypted ports are often used for heavy open traffic. The issue with unencrypted ports is that anyone can see what files and posts you’re accessing. We highly recommend that you use one of our SSL-secured port options so that your data stays private and protected.

Unencrypted Port

Anyone can see what Usenet newsgroups and post you’re browsing when you use an unencrypted Usenet port.

SSL-Secured Port

With an SSL-secured port, no one - not even your ISP - can see what Usenet files and posts you’re accessing.

Double Your Defense With Unlimited VPN

Double Your Defense With Unlimited VPN

Newshosting has a Switzerland-based VPN (virtual private network) available so you can make your digital activity even more secure. With VPN, you get the best encryption on all your data, not just your Usenet activity. Choose from 289 servers in 49 countries to hide your physical location online, bypass content geo-blocks, and stay safe on public WiFi hotspots.

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