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What Makes Newshosting The Best Usenet Provider?

With the best Usenet service quality, a growing + days of binary and text retention, multi-continental server farms all over the world, and the fastest speeds over a premium IP delivery backbone, we are proud to offer the best Usenet service of any Usenet provider.

Best Usenet Retention
At + Days & Growing

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The Highest Binary and Text Retention of Any Usenet Provider, Offering Access to the Best Usenet Servers

With over + days of binary and text Usenet retention that grows every single day (accumulating over 15+ years of Usenet files, articles, and posts across 110,000+ growing newsgroups), we take retention seriously. Usenet retention is the length of time a Usenet provider archives files uploaded to Usenet, and is by far the most important feature when looking for a Usenet provider. This is because having access to more retention means having access to a larger Usenet archive, achieving more successful Usenet searches, and getting the most complete Usenet downloads possible.

By owning and operating our very own multi-gigabit Usenet servers farms across Europe and North America, continuously applying network upgrades, and remaining dedicated to our customers, we're able to preserve the true Usenet experience and provide the best Usenet service. Only with Newshosting can you access the Usenet posts you want, whenever you want them.

We're very proud to provide dedicated daily retention spooling so we can offer the highest number of binary and text retention at + days in the industry, as there is no other Usenet provider who can come close to our growing 15+ years of retention on the highest quality Usenet network in the world.

Truly Unlimited Usenet Speeds and Downloads

The best Usenet providers also have the fastest Usenet servers in addition to a growing retention storage capacity so that not only can you find the Usenet files and articles that you want, but you can max out your connections and get the fastest possible download speeds.

Here at Newshosting, not only do we have the highest number of binary and text retention at + days with our dedicated retention spooling, but we also buy premium bandwidth directly from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer truly unlimited speeds.

If your Usenet speeds or downloads are being throttled by other Usenet providers, this is likely due to the provider buying cheaper traffic routes which often get overcrowded during peak traffic times. Unlike these other providers, Newshosting never throttles our users' speeds or downloads. We believe in doing what it takes for our customers to have the best Usenet experience possible, and we take the time and effort to consistently improve and update our Usenet network and service, and offer direct Tier-1 access to the highest quality traffic routes and servers.

Because we support full retention across all Usenet binary and text newsgroups, with Newshosting, you'll always have full access to every Usenet article at the fastest possible speeds.

Ultimate Security with the Best-in-Class Encryption

What is SSL encryption? Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a secure online communication protocol that encrypts and secures online communication by encrypting data before sending it to users, which prevents third parties from accessing it during transit. By working through the use of key cryptography, SSL is able to encode and decode secure data during transit to prevent anyone other than an individual user from intercepting their information.

Used by bank transfers, government agencies, secure checkouts, and more, SSL is important for Usenet users because it creates a secure channel for users to access files and posts. Here at Newshosting, we're proud to support 256-Bit SSL encryption (the golden standard for SSL encryption) on every connection our users have so that their Usenet browsing history and downloads will remain completely secure and anonymous.

Not only does every Newshosting connection come with 256-Bit SSL encryption, but users also have access to a fast and private Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Based in Switzerland, our partner's VPN service protects your data through Swiss privacy laws which are some of the strongest and most rigorous privacy laws in the world.

A VPN protects your online privacy by sending your data through an encrypted tunnel. Able to hide your virtual location by masking your IP address, your online activity is able to remain completely private. This means that you can stay safe while using public Wi-Fi hotspots, and it protects your data from hackers, government agencies, and even your very own ISP.

With hundreds of server locations, up to 10 connections, SOCKS5 proxy, IP leak protection, and so much more, get fast and private VPN to increase your privacy and access hundreds of servers across a global network.

Lightweight, Powerful, & Free Newsreader

Access Usenet through the free Newshosting Newsreader, which comes pre-configured and includes built-in unlimited search so you can easily search for the articles, files, and posts you want across 110,000+ newsgroups.

Rated #1 by TechRadar and other expert tech publishers, Newshosting's powerful newsreader is fast, free, easy-to-use, and as simple as it is effective. With absolutely zero setup needed, the Newshosting newsreader is uniquely configured for every plan type so that there's nothing to configure or setup. Simply download the newsreader and login to get started. Get started with unlimited search and experience the fastest Usenet download speeds in the world - for free!

You can also take a sneak peek at files before you start your download with the file preview feature so you can save time as well as your Usenet data transfer capacity. With unlimited file previews, queue up files you're sure you want.

Available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems, you're a click away from being able to start searching and downloading from Newshosting's multi-continental Usenet servers.

Access the best Usenet service when you sign up for a Newshosting plan today.

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Most Complete Usenet Archive at + Days Retention

Newshosting has the highest binary and text days retention compared to any other Usenet provider, with + days across all 110,000+ Usenet newsgroups.

Most Successful Searches

With access to the largest independent Usenet backbone across North America and Europe, find the Usenet files you want with Newshosting's top-ranking Usenet service.

Unlimited Speeds

Get the truly unlimited download speeds as fast as your Internet allows when you sign up with Newshosting, and always get blazing fast download speeds.

Unparalleled Protection

With free SSL on every Newshosting connection, your Usenet activity is secured by the world's strongest SSL encryption protocols.

Absolutely Zero Throttling

Unlike other Usenet providers, here at Newshosting we're proud to give our customers truly unlimited Usenet downloads and speeds with absolutely zero throttling.

99.99% File Completion

With the most complete Usenet archive on the largest Usenet backbone in the world, get the highest possible file completion with Newshosting premium Usenet service.


4.7 Rating - TrustPilot

Defend All Your Data With VPN

Defend All Your Data With VPN

Mask all of your devices and protect your digital life and all of your Usenet activity with the fastest, most secure VPN on the planet. Sign up today to get VPN as part of your subscription to the world's best Usenet provider: Newshosting.

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World-Class Usenet Archive with Truly Unlimited Downloads and Speeds

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Expert Opinion: Newshosting Is The
Best Usenet Provider

The Following Sites Rank Newshosting #1 For The Best Usenet Service

Newshosting is our top recommended Usenet service. This provider offers the best retention, fastest download speeds, largest server network, and all the features needed for a complete Usenet experience.


Newshosting is the best Usenet provider with a stellar reputation for service quality and speed. It also has the most file retention of any provider - billions more articles in many cases, which means your chances of a successful search are much better when connecting to Newshosting's servers.


Newshosting is regularly rated among the best Usenet providers in the world, and for good reason. It provides access to a huge number of newsgroups through its extensive US and European server networks, has one of the best retention times we've seen, and generally excels across the board.


Newshosting more than lives up to its reputation as the top Usenet provider. It delivers a premium experience at a competitive price and sets the standard for the industry. Newshosting's download speed and performance are exceptional, their dedication to privacy and security is admirable, and their retention is the best on the market.


Newshosting is currently our favorite, top ranked USENET provider. They have provided Usenet access since 1999 and have earned a reputation for having the highest quality and fastest speeds. Newshosting also has the best binary and text retention of any Usenet provider, meaning they have the largest Usenet archive available that will generally provide the best search results and highest completion rates.


Newshosting is our top recommended Usenet provider and the recipient of our 2021 Editors' Choice award. They have spent the last 20 years building an outstanding private Usenet network that delivers the highest level of service and reliability along with the most binary and text retention available anywhere.


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