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What Is Usenet Retention?

What Is Usenet Retention?

Retention rates indicate the length of time that a binary or text file is available to you. We currently support over + days of binary and text retention across every newsgroup on Usenet. More retention means more successful searches, and we’re proud to offer the highest retention of any Usenet provider in the world.

Why Is Usenet Retention Important?

Why Is Usenet Retention Important?

Binary and text Usenet articles, files, and posts are stored on a Usenet provider’s servers. After so many days, if a provider doesn’t have the infrastructure to keep those files, the provider will start to remove them. This means that if you are searching for an older binary or text article that’s past the provider’s limit, your download will be incomplete. This is why higher retention is so important, and why you’ll want to go with a Usenet provider who has the highest retention possible. The more days retention means the more files and posts you can access and download. Here at Newshosting, we’ve very proud to have the highest retention of ANY Usenet provider at + days and growing.

Attention To Detail And Server Quality

Attention To Detail And Server Quality

Newshosting has been the best Usenet provider for over 20 years and counting. By owning and operating the largest independent Usenet backbone in the world, we’re able to focus on growing retention and improving our users’ Usenet experience. We’ve made it our mission to preserve the integrity and history of Usenet, which is why we continue to invest in our infrastructure and prioritize our performance and service.

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Why Do We Grow Retention Daily?

Because retention counts the number of days that archived data and files are stored on servers that host Usenet, more retention means more Usenet access. This is why we continue to place so much value on growing our retention every single day for the past 15 years - we know that having access to the highest number of retention is the key to accessing the best Usenet service possible.

Through continuous network and server upgrades, dedicated retention spooling, and an unwavering attention to server quality, our constant service improvements allow Newshosting Usenet users a unique and rich experience when accessing Usenet through our premium servers - only with Newshosting can you get full access to a growing days of binary and text retention across every single newsgroup on Usenet, the most successful searches, and the most complete downloads.

We believe in preserving the true history of Usenet and providing full access to the highest quality Usenet archive available anywhere. By supporting full retention across all Usenet binary and text newsgroups, you always have full access to every article with Newshosting.

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