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What is a Usenet Server?

Usenet servers are the physical computers that hold data for you to access. A collection of Usenet servers is called a “backbone,” and can be composed of thousands of servers spread all over the world. Newshosting maintains and operates the largest independent Usenet backbone in the world to offer the best Usenet service possible.

Why Does Newshosting Have The
Best Usenet Servers?

Highest Usenet Binary and Text Retention In The World

Highest Usenet Binary and Text Retention In The World

Newshosting currently has the largest days of binary and text retention of any Usenet provider in the world with over days and growing! This means that you will always get the most accurate searches, the most complete downloads, and the best Usenet service possible.

By supporting full retention across all Usenet binary and text newsgroups, you always have full access to every article on Usenet with Newshosting.

Fastest Usenet Downloads

Fastest Usenet Downloads

With Usenet servers located all around the world, Newshosting’s users get the fastest Usenet downloads possible and can max out their Internet speeds any hour of the day.

We’re proud to be a Tier-1 Usenet provider, which means we buy traffic directly from the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure our users have direct access to the highest quality Usenet network, traffic routes, and servers.

More Servers Than Any Other Provider

More Servers Than Any Other Provider

Here at Newshosting, we believe in preserving the true history of Usenet by providing full access to the highest quality Usenet archive available anywhere.

No other provider comes close to achieving the number of servers and retention we’re able to offer our customers, upgrading their network and services, and remaining dedicated to retention spooling like we are.

Protect Your Online Privacy With PrivadoVPN

Protect Your Online Privacy With Unlimited VPN

You can make sure that connecting to a Usenet server anywhere in the world is entirely secure by using a VPN.

VPN protects your privacy by hiding your identity online and securing all of your data with 256-bit AES encryption, the same level of security used by banks and governments. You can install the VPN's easy-to-use app on all of your devices and get unlimited speed and data at home or on the go.

Access to our partner's VPN also provides you with access to a network of hundreds of global servers. You can choose the fastest one for you or put yourself virtually anywhere, bypassing regional blocks on popular services.

You can get VPN added onto your Newshosting Lite and Unlimited account for as little as $4.99 per month, or get it entirely free with your XL Powerpack subscription.

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Try Newshosting’s high-quality, ultra-secure service today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Usenet server is one of millions of computers around the globe that stores billions of articles, data, and posts which make up Usenet. Different providers can own or operate servers in different locations, which changes what kinds of speeds you can get. Generally, companies with high retention rates own more servers because they’re storing more data.

No, you do not have to pick a specific Usenet server. Your newsreader will automatically connect to the most efficient server or servers in order to retrieve your Usenet data.

Yes, you should. A virtual private network not only hides you from hackers, but it can keep governments and corporations from watching your online activity. Even your own Internet service provider likely keeps logs of everything you do online. Using a VPN prevents them from being able to do that.