Newshosting Announces 5,000 Days of Binary and Text Retention

Fans of Usenet rejoice: Newshosting has just reached 5,000 days of binary and text retention. The milestone comes after over two decades of continued service by Newshosting, which has remained the top Usenet provider on the market. This achievement makes Newshosting the first Usenet provider to reach 5,000 days of binary retention, opening up more access to Usenet for its users. Learn more about Newshosting’s retention capabilities and functionality below.

Newshosting Reaches 5,000 Days of Retention

This week, Newshosting announced that it reached 5,000 days of binary and text retention. For over two decades, Newshosting has provided unparalleled Usenet hosting service to a dedicated community of users. Their continued excellence in the realm of Usenet access has given users the ability to access data freely and uncensored across over 110,000 newsgroups. With 5,000 days of retention, Newshosting allows users to access over 13 years’ worth of information with just a few clicks. 

Not only has Newshosting brought continuously reliable Usenet service to its users since 1997, but they also offer this level of retention on all newsgroups. With over 110,000 newsgroups at their disposal, it’s never been easier for users to explore and learn about a variety of subjects as diverse as the internet itself with the powerful retention rates of Newshosting. 

Understanding the Value of Retention

With more retention comes more access. Newshosting operates the most reliable Usenet backbone in the world, with server farms located in Europe and the United States. That means a stronger connection, more security, and better access for users everywhere. With Newshosting, you get the ability to search for and find the articles you want. With more retention, now at 5,000 days, you have better access to the information you need.

Why is retention so important and why is it important that Newshosting has reached 5,000 days? Managing an active archive of Usenet’s 350 billion articles is an important act of preservation. If you use a Usenet provider with fewer retention days, you won’t be able to access the articles you’re searching for. Less retention means fewer results in your searches, which significantly reduces the value of your connection. 

Having 5,000 days of retention means that Newshosting provides better search results than any other Usenet host. Newshosting also offers text and binary retention rather than partial retention. Some providers on the market promise high retention rates but only offer a fraction of the retention that they advertise.

With even more retention than other Usenet providers on the market, Newshosting gives you the best Usenet experience with unlimited speeds and downloads, plus SSL encryption. These are just some of the many benefits that Newshosting offers on the platform. 

The Power of Newshosting for Usenet

Since 1997, Newshosting has offered world-class Usenet access to users across the globe. But Newshosting doesn’t just offer reliable access to newsgroups and record-breaking retention rates. Newshosting also brings users a free newsreader, and a free VPN, to ensure total online freedom. Coupled with Newshosting’s retention, using a VPN with Usenet is the ideal way to access information: without restrictions. 

To better serve its user base, Newshosting has grown to offer 100 connections to its users. This number allows for faster downloads of data from your Newsgroup. Newshosting also offers a free VPN to all of its premium users for more security, less ISP throttling, and a better online experience. Not only does Newshosting provide a free and reliable VPN, but it also offers a completely free newsreader with search capabilities. 

Critics agree that Newshosting is the best Usenet provider on the market. Newshosting has continuously received acclaim for its commitment to growing retention and archiving newsgroups. The combination of high retention rates, powerful SSL encryption, a free newsreader, and a free VPN makes Newshosting the best choice for anyone looking to get secure and reliable Usenet access. Plus, users get additional protection on reliable servers while they browse over 110,000+ newsgroups. In short, Newshosting is the total package when it comes to world-class Usenet access. 

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