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What Is Par2?

If you’ve ever downloaded an incomplete binary, you know how frustrating it can be. If you haven’t, it’s likely due to Par2. Not familiar with Par2? Here’s how it works and why you need it.


What is Par2?

When data transmits over wireless networks, it’s sent in packets of 8 bits, known as bytes. Unfortunately, when we send bytes, interferences can occur. This compromises the binary code of a data transfer, corrupting it in the process.

Thankfully, a solution exists in the form of Par2. Par2 is a file that contains corrective data for a corrupted part of a binary file.

The “Par” in Par2 refers to parity bit. To ensure correct transmissions between hosts, a “parity bit” is attached to each byte sent. A parity bit is a file format designed to check for errors in binary files while also attempting to repair them.

Originally, there was “Par,” the first parity file format ever developed. The original Par became obsolete in 2014. Par2 replaced it.


How does Par2 work?

Since binaries can be large, data segments can disappear or become corrupt by the time they’re received. This renders a binary file useless.

Par2  patches any corrupted binaries to bring you complete files instead of broken parts.

Without Par2, your binary files can’t be:

  • Verified for their data integrity
  • Recovered, if lost
  • Repaired, if damaged


Is Par2 the same as Par?

You’ll often see Par2 and Par used interchangably. Usually both uses refer to Par2, the latest version of parity files. Par2 is far superior than the original Par. In fact, when it comes to working together, they’re incompatible.

The new specifications for Par2 were designed to work on blocks of data. Par was designed to work on entire files.

Generally, the first version of Par had several disadvantages:

  • A bug in its recovery algorithm
  • Couldn’t handle input files of different sizes
  • Limited to handle only 255 files at a time


Will there be a Par3?

Plans for an even newer version of Par, known as Par3, are in the works. It’s currently in development, and won’t be available for widespread use until it passes its future experimental phase. Like Par2, it will continue to improve upon errors caused by data blocks too large to be repaired.

Par3 is also adding support for parity file directories. It’s new algorithm will be able to identify moved or renamed files.


Does Newshosting use Par2?

Yes. The Newshosting Usenet Browser comes equipped with Par2 error-detection.

With Newshosting, you don’t need to search for Par2 files.  We do all the work for you. The Newshosting Usenet Browser automatically repairs corrupted binaries and finds all missing parts.

As can illustrated, Par2 is tool for binary use. If it didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be able to regenerate lost or damaged files — they’d be trapped forever in digital doom.

You can enjoy all the benefits of Par2 with Newshosting. Don’t have a Newshosting account? Sign up now!

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