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Usenet is Here to Stay

Guest author Randall Wood recently posted on the Newsgroup Reviews Blog about frustrated Slashdotters going back to Usenet. Slashdot has been around since the late 1990’s and developed a community following of nerds, techies and privacy aficionados.

But last year Dice.com bought Slashdot and changed the look and the feel of the website making its users unhappy. So where did they go when they wanted to continue their discussions? Usenet!  The newsgroup comp.misc is where a lot of ex-slashdotters ended up and you can join the conversation there!

Usenet is here to stay, and it’s just as useful as it was when it first started like Randall states in his post, Usenet has always been there, of course.  And its strengths – distribution of the network, open access through your choice of NSP, absolutely no censorship, and total, absolute ownership by the community instead of by a corporation – remain as useful and essential in 2014 as they were in 1994 and earlier!


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Read the complete post at Frustrated Slashdotters Go Back to Usenet – Newsgroup Reviews Blog.


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