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Try Our New Auto Search Feature

At long last, the time we and many of you have waited for has arrived. The new version of the Newshosting Usenet Browser is now out in the wild and available for download. Our new version (1.4.0) comes with a load of bug fixes and one very excitingly cool new feature – Newshosting Auto Search. Newshosting Auto Search allows you to create customized searches that run automatically each hour and at the time of application open and start. The Auto Search runs off of a keyword or phase that you specify and will continue to run hourly until the expiration date that you set for your search. Auto Search results can be further filtered by format size – so for example, you could set Auto Search to only look for audio. Using Newshosting Auto Search, you will be able to download new results much faster as new groups get posted. Auto Search can be configured to download all the the new search results it finds in a day, up to a size limit you specify or it can be configured to download one new result per hour. Auto Search is still in beta so please be kind and patient in working with us to make this feature the best it can be. Please send all feedback to us using our Newshosting Browser Feedback page.

Additional improvements and bug fixes in the 1.4.0 include:


  • Optimized auto-sizing of columns.
  • Switching between search providers wasn’t possible in the settings dialog. This functionality has been added.
  • The message tool window is now closable and will remain closed if the most current message has been read. It will display again if there’re new messages.
  • Linux 64-bit is now supported natively. Users of 64-bit Linux no longer have to install 32-bit compatibility libraries.


  • Mouse zooming/scrolling in the image preview panel has been fixed.Switching between media categories in search results sometimes didn’t work. This has also been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the calculation of free disk space returned wrong results on some linux distributions.
  • The article posting issue has been resolved. Now a dialog shows up if posting fails. You will be informed about the failure and be reminded to check if posting privileges have been enabled in the account settings.
  • In some situation the client was quitting itself when the tray icon option was enabled and a download was finished. This has been fixed

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