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Top 5 Reasons the Internet Loves Cats

Unless you’ve been living under a proverbial rock, you’re probably familiar with the ever-popular obsession with cats on the ‘net. No matter what your personal preference is on the old-as-time cats & dogs debate, everyone loves a good cat meme. But why, Internet? Why? We’re here to tell you.

1. Every team needs a mascot.

Long before cats ruled the digital world, they were appearing in sports arenas and on TV screens worldwide. From the Cincinnati Bengals to Morris the Cat (9 Lives), humans were slowly being conditioned to route for felines. It was only a natural transition to digital brand mascots (remember Clippy?), and from there, two great worlds merged to create – INTERNET CAT FANDOM.


2. Cats are A-Holes

Everyone loves a good laugh. That laugh is even better when it occurs in the privacy of your own home, behind the safety of a computer screen, so you don’t get put on a temporary psych hold when sitting amidst other patrons in a quiet, upscale restaurant cackling like a hyena.

Speaking of hyenas, they’re only jerks in the cartoon world. But cats? Cats are intentionally rude no matter where you see them. So unless the joke’s on you, you’ll always enjoy a good ol’ giggle at cat-aliation.


3. Cats Have all the Feels

Cats, like humans, can show their emotions in their body language and facial expressions. How else can you communicate sarcasm via text until they invent a font for it?

 4. Cats are Talented.

They can sing. They dance. They whirl around on Roombas with the greatest of ease (Have you ever tried it? It’s harder than it looks!).

We all love to share our accomplishments on social media: so you’re baby can speak 12 languages? Cool. Your toddler composed a masterpiece before she could walk? Great. But your cat is a magician? Be still my heart.


5. Cats Make the Most of What They’ve Got.

Sometimes after a long, hard week of the 9-to-5 grind, or a particularly disappointing COD loss, you just need a win. If that win is in the form of a four-legged 3rd party pulling off a great feat, so be it. You have to take pleasure in the small things in life, and cats are wizards at knowing how to do just that. After a long day of lounging, napping, eating and using the litter box, they don’t need fancy toys or gadgets to get the party started.

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