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Newshosting has been providing our members with world class, high speed, premium quality Usenet access since 1999, but recently we’ve hit a snag. We’ve worked hard on our software, speed and security, but what else are we missing? While some say otherwise, we know that Usenet is still evolving, and we aspire to continue to provide our users with the best service possible. We simply need you to tell us what you’d like next!

Enter to win 1 FREE month of our XL Powerpack plan by completing our user feedback survey. The information you share with us will be used to enhance the Newshosting experience and service offerings for new and existing subscribers.

Are you interested in new features, like storage solutions or mobile download management? Have you been satisfied with your binary downloads and our support team? Tell us your thoughts!

Based on our internal tests, the survey will take about five minutes to complete. We have one goal in mind: to provide you with the best Usenet access possible.

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Newshosting Team :Newshosting provides premium private and lightening fast secure access to Usenet. We are dedicated to providing world class Usenet access, serving our customers since 1999.