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Schedule Auto Searches

If you haven’t used the Newshosting newsreader in awhile…now’s the time to check it out!  The Newshosting newsreader is a replacement for other popular search and indexing programs. The best part about it is you can schedule automatic searches.  This awesome feature means you can get your favorite content as soon as it’s on Newshosting!

If you’re a current subscriber just login to the control panel here:


and select “Download the Newshosting Newsgroup Reader”  choose your OS and click download. It’s free and easy to use!!

If you’re not a current Newshosting subscriber, try us today with a FREE 14-day trial.


Newshosting Team :Newshosting provides premium private and lightening fast secure access to Usenet. We are dedicated to providing world class Usenet access, serving our customers since 1999.

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  • Hello, great service and application guy's keep it up.
    There is one feature I would like to see implemented though;
    Password protected RAR detection. Sometimes when I download a file I find out after it has fully downloaded that It was password protected, usually for some scam to click on surveys. I think it would be great if the software could recognize that the file has a password and tell you in advance. Thanks,