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Newshosting Increases Header Retention to Match Full Binary Retention

Our engineers have finally answered the call. We are very excited to announce that Newshosting is now offering full header retention to match the full breadth and depth of our binary retention. Users will soon be able to access 1,620 days of Usenet headers with their newsreader clients. The new header migration will take place over the next few weeks, so you will have to wait until the migration finishes before you can access our full header retention. That is, of course, unless you migrate your account over early. You can migrate over early by logging into the control panel here and clicking the “Change XOVER Server” link. After the header migration is complete all Newshosting users will have access to our full header retention. See below for more information:

What’s happening?

Over the next few weeks, Newshosting will be migrating all of our customers to a new set of article headers with different article numbers.

Why is this happening?

Newshosting is switching article numbers to provide headers to the full depth of our article retention.

 How will this affect me?

The effect depends on the type of client you use. It might have no effect or it may have a large effect to the point where you will have to re-download your headers, depending on what newsreader you use. When the migration is done, your client be referencing article numbers that were only valid on the former system.

Popular clients are addressed in our New Headers FAQ Here, however, with the new header depth, customers will be able to download headers from 1620+ days ago into their favorite Usenet client to browse or search on.

*Note: If you have no account usage so far this month, you have already been updated to the new headers and will not need to make any changes.


How can I get the new headers?

In order to get the new headers, you will have to be migrated (if you are not already). You can self-serve migration by logging into the control panel and clicking the “Change XOVER Server” link. You’ll be prompted for a confirmation and afterward, you will get a thank you page. Allow for at least 15 minutes for the change to work its way through our systems. If you encounter any issues, please contact support at support@newshosting.com.


What are article numbers and how do they work (technical)?

When your client connects to an NNTP server, it issues commands like this:

200 Welcome (fx23.fr7)


100 Legal Commands

article [<messageid>|number]

authinfo type value

body [<messageid>|number]


group newsgroup

head [<messageid>|number]



list [active wildmat|active.times|counts wildmat]

list [overview.fmt|newsgroups wildmat]

listgroup newsgroup

mode reader



stat [<messageid>|number]

xhdr field [range]

xover [range]

xpat field range pattern

xfeature useragent <client identifier>

xfeature compress gzip [terminator]

xzver [range]

xzhdr field [range]


.group comp.lang.perl

AUTHINFO USER <myusername>

PASS required



281 Welcome

To get into a group, your client issues a group command:


group comp.lang.perl

211 958 2051 3008 comp.lang.perl


The 211 response back from the server shows 958 articles, the lowest has a number of 2051 and the highest has a number 3008.

If you look at the XOVER for 3008


XOVER 3008

3008 From the crest of Olivet…    E Bmums <e447560@rppkn.com>    Sat, 28 Apr 2012 22:29:00 +0200<9c05e$4f9c530c$457010e6$5926@reader.newshosting.com>        5894 101  Xref: e comp.lang.perl:3008


You can see that article 3008 in the group comp.lang.perl on this server, is the universally unique Message ID <9c05e$4f9c530c$457010e6$5926@reader.newshosting.com>. While that Message ID is universally unique, the article number is not – it’s unique only to that server farm.

When asking for an article using an old number:

  • The server responds with the wrong article because the article number now references a different Message ID
  • With no article because the article number is lower or higher than all the article numbers that exist in that group.


This behavior will confuse clients that use the Article Number as an index.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our full retention!

Newshosting Team :Newshosting provides premium private and lightening fast secure access to Usenet. We are dedicated to providing world class Usenet access, serving our customers since 1999.