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Newshosting Hits 9 Years of Binary Retention!

Newshosting recently surpassed an astonishing 9 years of binary retention. We are the first Usenet provider to reach this milestone and have no intention of stopping. It’s taken a lot of dedication to reach this point, but Usenet is worth it.

What Else Happened 9 years ago?

  • George W. Bush was president
  • Heath Ledger played the Joker in The Dark Knight
  • The Housing Crisis was in its first year

What Is Binary Retention?

For those unfamiliar with how Usenet retention and spooling work, 9 years of retention means binary articles posted in August, 2008 are still accessible on our servers.

  • Retention: how long articles are retained on the servers. Articles older than the defined retention level are deleted.
  • Spooling: refers to retention growing daily.

When paired with our remarkable 99.9% download completion rate and industry leading throughput, we have one killer combination.

What is Usenet?

If we’ve lost you, let’s back up the train. Usenet is an uncensored section of the Internet that despite appearing arcane remains one of the largest repositories for intellectual discussion and binary hosting.

It is also one of the three founding pillars of the Internet. In fact, it predates the Web by more than a decade. Think about it this way:

  • Email = SMTP
  • Web = HTTP(S)
  • Usenet = NNTP

Within Usenet, there are 100,000+ newsgroups focused on categories ranging from politics to woodworking to cricket.

Our text newsgroups have even more retention than the binary ones. Discussions dating back to 2003 can be found. This makes Usenet one of the largest reservoirs of historical and present discussion on the Internet.

Why Should I Care?

Many important events first happened on Usenet.

  • Linux was first announced in comp.os.minix
  • IMDB’s origins can be traced to rec.arts.movies

While these are older references, Usenet still hosts an eclectic mix of Internet pioneers, masterminds, and run of the mill folk from around the globe.

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