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Find Your Favorite Newsgroups /w the Newshosting Newsgroup Finder

With well over 100,000 different binary and discussion based newsgroups on the Usenet, it can be a difficult if not downright daunting task to find the groups that interest you. With so many newsgroups available, there truly is a group for just about everything you can think of. So how do you find your favorite groups? Well, this is where the Newshosting Browser’s Newsgroup Finder comes into play. Our browser’s Newsgroup Finder makes it super easy to find and bookmark your favorite newsgroups at Newshosting. To begin searching for your favorite newsgroups, click on the “Newsgroups” icon towards the top of the application widow and this will take you straight to the Newsgroup Finder. The next thing you will see is a window with a list of all available Newshosting newsgroups coupled with a search box right above it. From the search box, you can type in desired keywords and the Newsgroup Finder will display a list of available newsgroups that match your keywords or phrases. To bookmark your favorites, just double click a group in the list of search results. Finding your favorite groups is as easy as that – Get started browsing your favorite newsgroups right away and join Newshosting today!

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