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Fact or Fiction: Alcoholic Drinks

We’ve all heard stories from our younger years about how bubble gum sticks to the lining of your stomach for 5-7 years after swallowing, or how Coca-Cola can dissolve a steak/tooth/car paint overnight. These tall tales were spread by word of mouth from mother to child, schoolmate to schoolmate. Today these urban legends travel digitally- in your newsgroups, Facebook feeds, and those ridiculous chain emails your distant relatives insist on sending you.

Fortunately for all of us in the post dial-up era, the truths behind these urban legends have been shared and documented. Today it’s easy to separate fact from fiction. We gathered up many of the urban legends surrounding adult beverages (NOTE: alcoholic drinks) from the ‘Net. While there may be less fact than fiction in these findings, what is deemed true is sure to make you think twice about drinking that again. Jagerbombs, I’m lookin’ at you!

DISCLAIMER: Almost all of these are gross and contain some kind of unappealing fluid. I mean what kind of alcoholic drink-centric legend would it be if it wasn’t foul? If you’re the kind of person to get squeamish reading this sort of thing, than this is where you should turn around and check out this post about cats.




1) Workers at the Corona brewery in Mexico pee in the beer vats.

FICTION: It was 1980-something when Corona sued a local Heineken distributor (Luce & Sons of Reno) for starting the rumor which plummeted US sales of the Mexican export. Unfortunately, even after spending upwards of $500,000 in advertising to set the record straight, the beer is still associated with urine due to its yellow color, foaminess, and good ol’ fashioned American xenophobic fears.
(Source: Drunkard)



2) Taurine, an ingredient in Red Bull, comes from bull semen/urine. Hence, ‘Red BULL.’

FACT (kind of): Taurine is an ingredient in most energy drinks. While it’s true that taurine could be extracted from those sources, the taurine used in Red Bull and other energy drinks is synthetically produced. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t really give you wings – on that note, don’t forget to sign-up for your free Red Bull here (http://energydrinksettlement.com/claim) !.
(Source: Snopes)

3) Jägermeister contains deer/elk blood

FICTION: Yes- It it looks like liquid tar, tastes like black licorice, and is often regarded to be the source of a hangover…but no ‘Bambi’-blood here folks! It doesn’t help that the bottle has a deer on it either.
(Source: Drunkard)



4) Goldschlager’s gold flakes produce tiny cuts in the throats of those that consume it, speeding up the ingestion of alcohol.

FICTION: No way, Jose! Frankly the idea that someone would actively-seek a way to create micro-incisions in their throat in order to get drunk quicker is absurd. Or as The Savory put it, “It’s actually just one step further from pulling up to a bar, cutting your hand open, and pouring whiskey into the wound.”

The theory that cinnamon-soaked gold offcuts are lacerating your throat and stomach, possibly contributing to an early onset of Crohn’s disease, is a little too much to believe.
(Source: The Savory)

5) Guinness is made with fish guts.

FACT: Isinglass is a collagen obtained from the swim bladders of sturgeon and cod fish. It is widely used as a processing aid in the British brewing industry to accelerate the fining, or clarification, of beer. Guinness receives ongoing attention for using this fining process, and admits that some small traces of isinglass may be left behind in their finished products.

(Source: Huffington Post)





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