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Configuring NewsLeecher for Newshosting

A Usenet Client to Rule them All

Newcomers to Usenet looking for a simple yet powerful Usenet search experience should check out our free Newshosting Usenet Browser. It’s the perfect companion for users just beginning to get their feet wet with Usenet. Our more seasoned Usenet users looking for a powerful search coupled with greater results filtering flexibility should give NewsLeecher a try. NewsLeecher is a fully-featured, Windows-based Usenet client capable of downloading and browsing messages using good old-fashioned headers and grabbing articles via NZBs on the fly. What really makes NewsLeecher stand out above the crowd, though, is its searching capabilities. NewsLeecher’s free built-in search engine, dubbed SuperSearch, is a massive catalog of NZBs created from all of the available binary posts across all of the most popular binary newsgroups. As if this was not enough to set our Usenet world on fire, NewsLeecher also allows boolean searches and video filter options to narrow results down to a particular video resolution. Just when it seems NewsLeecher has given up all the goodies, this beast of Usenet companions yields yet another exciting feature: SuperLeech. SuperLeech lets us set up preprogrammed searches that will run automatically each time a new search result is available and will download it right away. All these features combined make NewsLeecher an excellent tool for a wonderful Usenet experience.

Installing NewsLeecher

  1. Visit the NewsLeecher website and download the installer.
  2. Open and run the install file.
  3. Click Next to start the install process.
  4. Select “I accept the agreement” and click Next.
  5. Set the destination folder for the NewsLeecher install and click Next.
  6. Set the name of the “Start Menu Folder” for NewsLeecher and click Next.
  7. Check the box to “Create a Desktop Icon” and click Next.
  8. Click Install.
  9. Check the box to “Run Application” and click “Finish“.
  10. Click “Add Server” to configure Newshosting Usenet access.
  11. Copy the settings shown below to configure Newshosting and click “OK.” 

Not too sure about NewsLeecher? Well give Newshosting’s Free Usenet Browser a try! Start now!


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