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Best NAS Devices For All Budgets

Losing your data can be a huge setback, costing you time and money. But those kinds of losses are completely unnecessary, thanks to Network Attached Storage devices.

There are quite a few quality NAS devices on the market today. Some are better suited for home users, while others can handle the increased demands placed on them by small and medium organizations. No matter how much you have to spend or what you’re looking to do, there’s an ideal NAS device for your situation.

Best Entry Level NAS Device – QNAP TS-112P-US

  • $126.00

  • 6.52 inches tall, 3.35 inches wide and 8.6 inches deep

  • Marvell 6282 1.6GHz CPU

  • 1 USB 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.0 ports

When you need storage, but don’t have much in the way of funds, the QNAP TS-112P-US is a great way to go. It’s incredibly affordable, making it a great way to get started. Despite the low acquisition cost, 16MB of flash memory provides a decent amount of storage, making this a great value.

Just as important, this solution is extremely user-friendly, making backup, data storage, remote access, synchronization and even home entertainment setups simple to execute. You’ll find the icons are self-explanatory, so navigating through menus is almost second nature from the first moment you set things up. Because of the scale, it’s perfect for small organizations or individuals

This storage device is easy to fit just about anywhere. You can hook it up to external storage devices using the two USB 3.0 ports, which is convenient.


Best Standard NAS Device – Synology DiskStation DS216j

  • $169.99

  • Raw storage capacity: 20 TB

  • 165 mm tall, 100 mm tall and 225.5 mm deep

  • Adjustable brightness for lights

Designed for home and personal users, this a great setup for you as an individual to deploy. The dual-core CPU means quick processing times for your cloud, which is a big plug. This device is also affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank just to get one.

With a maximum internal raw capacity of 20 TB, with two 10 TB HDD, this setup should last most users quite some time. Thanks to a built-in floating-point unit, it’s ideal for photo browsing because of quicker thumbnail processing. You can also convert audio tracks into MP3 files on demand, cutting down on bandwidth when streaming.

Finding a spot for this storage device shouldn’t be too difficult, considering its relatively small form factor. You can adjust the brightness of the front LED lights by choosing one of four preset levels, avoiding annoying flashes in dark rooms.


Best Upgraded NAS Device – QNAP TS-451

  • $349.00

  • Maximum raw storage capacity: 72 TB

  • 6.65 inches tall, 6.3 inches wide and 8.62 inches deep

  • Great for video storage

If you’re looking for more performance and capacity from a storage device, this is the best option on the market today. With four slots, it’s a great setup for home users, workgroups and even small to medium businesses. It has a maximum raw storage capacity of 72 TB, which requires 12 hard drives, available with the UX-800P enclosure. With the UX-500P enclosure, raw storage capacity is still impressive at 54 TB.  

The QNAP TS-451 will only set you back $349.00, which is a tremendous deal for what it has to offer. One of the many highlights is the ability to transcode full HD videos both on-the-fly, as well as offline. Using an HDMI port, you can play 1080p videos with 7.1 channel surround sound

A small footprint means you can wedge this device into some fairly tight areas, making it a convenient solution.


Best Premium NAS Device – Synology DiskStation DS1515+

  • $699.99

  • Raw internal space: 50 TB

  • Expanded storage space: 150 TB

  • 157 mm tall, 248 mm wide and 233 mm deep

  • Hot-swappable drives

  • Redundant cooling system

As far as premium NAS devices go, the Synology DiskStation DS1515+ is a solid deal, considering it retails for $699.99. A quad-core CPU means super fast processing speeds. Excellent security comes with the dedicated hardware encryption engine, so you can store sensitive files without worry. Downtime is minimized by the four Ethernet ports with Link Aggregation and failover support, guarding against a problem with one of the connections.

There are 5 drive bays, with an expansion unit that ups that number to 15. When it comes to storage capacity, there’s 50 TB of raw internal space. Taking the expansion units into account, that number can go up to 150 TB. The drives are hot-swappable, so you can replace one with minimal impact on users.

As for space, this device is somewhat compact, so finding a spot for it shouldn’t be difficult. A passive cooling design, instead of just using the processor cooling fan to maintain an optimal temperature, is another added bonus. The integrated fans are redundant, and all will run continually should one fail, avoiding problems before you can replace parts.


Best Luxury NAS Device – QNAP TS-853A

  • $896.56

  • Storage capacity: 128 TB

  • 7.29 inches tall, 11.74 inches wide and 9.25 inches deep

  • Can manage up to 32 websites simultaneously

  • Great for surveillance cameras

When you’re in the market for luxury, the TS-853A from QNAP is hands-down the clear choice. It represents the future with an open-source Linux platform, making it ideal for managing smart devices. Plenty of Linux apps are available, allowing users to leverage them for customized solutions you might not have even realized were possible. Depending on the configuration, this device has up to 128 TB of storage. There’s also a Volume/LUN Snapshot, so files and folders can be restored to their original state in the event of data corruption or file losses, which is great for critical items.

Small and medium businesses can take advantage of the different business apps built into the device. One advantage is that up to 32 websites can be managed on it at once. Surveillance Station connects to and manages numerous IP cameras remotely at the same time, allowing for playback, notifications and recording.

Of course, all of that capability comes in a relatively small form factor. Despite being a luxury NAS device, the QNAP TS-853A won’t set you back too much, with a suggested retail price of $896.56.


Forecasting Storage in 2017

Like other areas of tech, the NAS market will see greater storage capacity and improved speed for the price in the future. In 2017, expect QNAP to deepen its relationship with Google and the Android OS. Synology should release a Thunderbolt NAS in 2017, making the brand more appealing to Apple users. HDMI will become standard on virtually all devices. All in all, there are great options on the market already, and those options only stand to improve in the new year.

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