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5 Gadgets That Will Change The Way You Live

You’ve probably seen an overwhelming mass of posts and articles referencing the gadgets from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month. But it seems as though the majority of electronics presented, however fascinating, are items unlikely to come into contact with the average middle class consumer in the foreseeable future. We’ve combed through the best of reported tech, from the Panasonic Smart Mirror that tells you your flaws and offers solutions for a fix, to the best of the best in wearable tech. Here are our finds for this year’s gadgets most likely to impact the way the work and live.


1. Energous WattUp

We all hate having to surrender our devices to a stationary location as it charges for any given period. WattUp gives you the freedom to receive a charge from anywhere within a 30 foot space. The best part? This nifty little router charges ALL of your battery-operated devices (well, specifically 12 at a time) that require less than 10 watts. That means it charges:

• Smart Phones, Phablets, eReaders and Small Tablets
• Smart Phone Accessories, such as Charging Sleeves
• Wearable Fitness Trackers
• Smart Watches, and other Wearable Computing Devices
• Computer Accessories, such as Wireless Keyboards and Mice
• Remote Controls
• Home Device Networks
• Home, Office and Commercial Wireless Sensors
• Gaming Controllers
• LED Lighting
• Battery-Powered Children’s Toys


May low-battery anxiety be a thing of the past. Seems like an innovation winner to us.


Price: $299.99


2. Misfit Bolt

If you haven’t heard, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality and it is upon us! The Misfit Bolt is a smart lightbulb that integrates with Android and iOS devices to program custom color, hue, and brightness settings. This bulb is very similar to the Philips Hue lighting system that released back in 2012, only this guy doesn’t have a complicated setup and add-on process. The smart bulb will be sold individually and in a 3-pack to light an entire room. Now remember it is a “smart bulb” – the bulb is much pricier than your typical light bulb but it’s an LED bulb with a life of 23 hours and it does mark a much lower price that is coming to the smart bulb arena.


Price: $129 for 3 bulbs


3. Amazon Echo

For all of you in the peanut gallery with your tin-foil hats ready to “boo” and “hiss” at the integration of smart tech in our daily lives, it’s really time to get over it. Move past the creep factor: Amazon’s Echo is a personal assistant you’ll actually use. The moment it connects to Wi-Fi, the Echo has access to Amazon Prime’s music service and is enabled to connect to iHeartRadio and TuneIn for audio content. Alexa can answer a lot of questions, specifically fact-based ones. If it’s on Wikipedia, Alexa can reference it and read the first paragraph to you. Need measurement conversions? Alexa can knock that out, too. Alexa can also tell you about the weather, what time it is, set an alarm for you, and add items to a shopping list or a to-do list. Plus, any answer Alexa gives or song she plays also shows up on the Echo app too, so you can dive deeper into that Wikipedia entry or manage your to-do list.


Price: $99.99 with Amazon Prime Membership


4. Vysk QS1 Privacy Case

A follow-up to Vysk’s widely successful EP1 case, the QS1 case uses a combination of hardware and software components to protect the details of your life from the prying eyes of hackers. A patented camera shutter is used to prevent hackers from taking control of your iPhone’s cameras and the Vysk Private Gallery app and Vysk Private Text app are used to encrypt and protect your photos, videos and text messages. Similarly, the case blocks the microphone on your device so useful tidbits and discussion points are totally encrypted. As an added bonus, the Vysk QS1’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 120% more battery life for a phone.


Price: $229.99


5. Phorce Freedom

This laptop bag is just oversized enough to say “Hey, I mean business” but it’s what’s inside that you’re gonna love: there’s a backup battery charger with designated compartments for your phone and tablets. Now you can charge all of your devices without worry as you walk through an airport or sip coffee at Starbucks. Since the cables feed through the interior of the bag, no longer shall you find yourself amongst the horde of others guarding precious outlet space with the fervor of a territorial animal.


Price: $199.99
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