Newshosting + Easynews Partner Account FAQ

The below FAQ will address concerns specific to the complimentary Easynews account. If you have questions regarding the general function and use of Easynews please refer to their general FAQ.

Q: What information does Newshosting share with Easynews?

A: The only information we share with Easynews is your username, account status, and account renewal date. This allows us to keep the accounts in sync so that you always know when your Easynews gig allotment will be refreshed. That's all we share!

Q: Do I need to pay anything for the Easynews account?

A: No, the 10 GB Easynews account is completely free to you so long as you maintain the NHXL Newshosting account.

Q: I enjoy the Easynews Service how can I expand my available download gigs?

A: You will need to signup for a standalone Easynews account as the free accounts are limited to only 10 GB per month. In order to see your standalone account options please go to

Q: I've already logged on to why is asking for my login information?

A: The account at Easynews, while free, is maintained through Your Newshosting and Easynews accounts do not share the same login information. You will need to login with your username ( and password that was created for you when you signed up for your free account through your control panel.

Q: I've lost my Easynews username and/or password. How can I retrieve it?

A: Go to and choose the "Reset Via Security Question" option. Fill in the Username (your Newshosting username followed by "" and answer the Security Question. Your reset password will be sent to that email address.

Q: What happens if I reach the 10 GB download limit?

A: Once you reach the 10 GB limit, the account will be paused until the beginning of your next Newshosting month and then your gig counter will be reset to 10gigs.

Q: Have I been given a free email account at

A: No. The "" you use at Easynews to log in is not an email address. It's simply a way to give you access to your free account at Easynews.

Q: I am having trouble with my Easynews account, who do I contact?

A: You should contact Easynews support directly via email, live chat, or phone. Be sure to mention that you are a Newshosting customer. Visit support at

Q: Can I pay for my Newshosting account at Easynews?

A: No, you are a Newshosting customer who has been given a free partnership account at Easynews. However, as a Newshosting customer, all payments will be handled through the control panel at

Q: I need some help getting started with my experience, where can I learn more about how to use Easynews?

A: You can visit and view any one of our video demos to learn how to use the service.

Q: If I have an annual account when does the Easynews download limit renew?

A: If you have an annual account the download limit will renew on the day of the month that you paid for the plan.

Q: My renewal date falls on the 31st and the current month only has 30 days, when does the renewal date occur?

A:If your renewal date happens at the end of a month and the current month contains fewer days then the renewal date is rounded down. Example: your renewal date happens on the 31st and the current month only has 28 days then your renewal date will be on the 28th.