Free Usenet Trial

We want to give our new subscribers a fair chance at finding the perfect Usenet provider to suit their needs. For a limited time only, Newshosting is offering a free 14-day trial on all qualified plans to give you the opportunity to try out our service without the worry of any commitment.

This offer is only available to new subscribers, and can be used only once per subscriber. New accounts are free for 14 days with a 30 GB download maximum. If you decide to cancel your account within the first 14 days of your sign up day and time, and have also not exceeded your download maximum of 30 GB, you will not be charged for your account. Please be aware that all qualified plans are automatically renewed each billing period.

Ditch the stress of commitment and sign up with Newshosting — it's completely free with the option to cancel before the end of the trial if you change your mind. We hope this 14-day trial period will give you the chance to explore our Usenet provider and to see if our service is the right fit for your browsing needs.