How to Use Usenet: What You Need to Know

How to use Usenet

To the new user, Usenet can seem like a foreign language. Using Usenet is simple once you learn the basics. We’ve consolidated how to use Usenet into three simple steps. You will need a provider, a newsreader, and an understanding of how to search newsgroups. We’ll walk you through these basics so that you can browse like a pro. Continue reading

Best NAS Devices For All Budgets

NAS Devices

Losing your data can be a huge setback, costing you time and money. But those kinds of losses are completely unnecessary, thanks to Network Attached Storage devices.

There are quite a few quality NAS devices on the market today. Some are better suited for home users, while others can handle the increased demands placed on them by small and medium organizations. No matter how much you have to spend or what you’re looking to do, there’s an ideal NAS device for your situation. Continue reading

Usenet and the World Wide Web

Usenet and the World Wide Web

The arrest of Ross Ulbricht revealed just how little we remember about the evolution of the internet. Ross Ulbricht, commonly known as The Dread Pirate Roberts, was the man behind the Silk Road. This site was part of “the Deep Web.” Sites on the Deep Web were not searchable using common web browsers. People were shocked to find out that the World Wide Web was not synonymous with the internet. News outlets started to discuss the Deep Web, and the common thread in most of the reporting was that the Deep Web was new.

This sort of reporting is indicative of popular misperceptions about the internet and the World Wide Web. In reality, there have always been networks and information spaces outside of the World Wide Web. For many of us, we have always known about places like Usenet. More importantly, we have always understood the importance of places like Usenet. As the shortcomings of the World Wide Web have become increasingly clear, Usenet may offer a way forward for others who value security and community on the internet.

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