What Is the Right Number of Usenet Connections?

Usenet Connections

Usenet is a lot like the World Wide Web, but it has a few features without an analogous World Wide Web concept. When configuring server settings in your newsreader, you may be prompted to enter or adjust the number of connections. New users may be perplexed by this prompt. Connections are crucial to maximizing newsreader efficiency, though, so it’s important that you utilize them properly. We explain what connections are, how to set the optimal number of connections, if there is a magic connections number, and how to troubleshoot connection issues. Continue reading

How to Use Usenet: What You Need to Know

How to use Usenet

To the new user, Usenet can seem like a foreign language. Using Usenet is simple once you learn the basics. We’ve consolidated how to use Usenet into three simple steps. You will need a provider, a newsreader, and an understanding of how to search newsgroups. We’ll walk you through these basics so that you can browse like a pro. Continue reading

How to Find What You’re Looking For With Usenet

How to Find What You're Looking For With Usenet

The key to Usenet is finding exactly what you. This can be a little tricky. In the past, Usenet subscribers could only look through newsgroups in hopes that they could find exactly what wanted. However, people quickly realized other search methods were necessary. Searching through individual newsgroups for the articles and binaries you wanted wasted system resources and time. As a response, the community developed both newsreaders with integrated search functions and indexing sites. These tools allow you to search for individual items. Ultimately, these tools are not perfect. They revolutionized Usenet by allowing users to locate popular articles and binaries, but they still miss a lot of interesting things that make Usenet special. What sets Usenet apart from alternatives though is the fact that it’s massive collaborative community. Each search method has it’s benefits, though, so let’s review them. Continue reading