Newshosting Client QuickStart Guide

First Steps and Setup

  1. After registration
  2. Downloading the Newshosting client
  3. Entering your login data

Using the Newshosting Client

  1. Managing Newsgroups
  2. Searching Usenet
  3. Automatic Search
  4. Managing Transfers
  5. Posting to Usenet
  6. Application Settings
  7. Tips and tricks

First Steps and Setup

1. After registration
Immediately after registering you will receive an email with the subject "Your New account". This email will contain your login credentials to both the Newshosting client software and the account administration located here, this is the same login information that you entered at the time of signup.

2. Downloading the Newshosting client
If you did not download the client at the time of account signup you can log in to your account control panel where you can download and install the Newshosting client.

3. Entering your login data
After installation your Newshosting client will launch automatically. When starting the client for the first time, you will be requested to enter your login data. The username you created at the time of signup and the password can be found in the "Your New account" email you have received. If you have lost your password simply click on the lost password link and enter in your email address to have it sent to you.

Using the Newshosting Client

1. Managing Newsgroups

Finding a newsgroup / Adding to Bookmarks
You can quickly and easily find a newsgroup that interests you by searching by name. You can browse and search by newsgroup with the following steps:

  1. Click on Newsgroups tab at the top of the window.
  2. Click in the Search Newsgroups field, located in the window toolbar
  3. Type the name of a newsgroup, such as comp.sys.mac.hardware:
  4. Matching newsgroups will be displayed in a list, alongside their post count.
  5. To add the newsgroup to your bookmarks either double click or right click on it.
  6. Once a newsgroup has been added to your bookmarks you can browse it at your leisure

You can also being the process by right clicking in the bookmarks area and choosing Add Bookmark.

Deleting newsgroups from bookmarks
To delete a newsgroup from your bookmark list:

  1. Right click the newsgroup you wish to delete from the Bookmarks section.
  2. Select Delete Bookmark

Coloring Bookmarks
You can change the color of a bookmark's background by right clicking on the bookmark and selecting a color from the Color menu choice.

Bookmark Folders and Arrangement
To create a folder to arrange your bookmarks in:

  1. Right click on a folder within the bookmarks area
  2. Enter the name of the folder

You can now drag and drop bookmarked newsgroups and other folders into this folder. To rename the folder simply double click on it, enter the new name. and press return.

2. Searching Usenet
Newshosting allows searches both globally as well as a within a specific newsgroup. To do a global search:

  1. Click on the text field at the top right of the Newshosting Browser window
  2. The magnifying glass icon drops down to allow a choice of search engine, either Newshosting's or Newshosting's engine is selected by default.
  3. After you've decided upon which engine to power your search enter your search term. For this tutorial we're going to use the default Newshosting engine.
  4. On your search results page you will see that the results are able to be viewed by type (everything, video, audio, documents, ISO images, software, and images). The results are also sortable by: postname, file size, post date, poster, and newsgroup.
  5. Once you've found a post of interest simply double click to begin a transfer.

3. Creating an Automatic Search
Newshosting also offers an automatic search capability. To setup an automated search:

  1. Click on the Automatic Search tab at the top.
  2. In the query field enter your keyword(s) and choose the media types specific to your search.
  3. Define the range of file sizes, date ranges and default actions you wish the saved search to take from the drop down menu item (optional)
  4. Apply the settings and continue to work on this or additional saved searches by clicking apply.

If you wish to save all your current settings and go back to the main Newshosting application, click on "ok". The data settings for your automatic searches can be found in your settings under the General tab.

4. Managing Transfers

Viewing overall transfer status
If any uploads or downloads are in progress, a count of total transfers in process will be shown in the Transfers menu item.  Next to the Transfer menu item there is a pause button that can be used to quickly pause (and resume) all transfers in progress.

Viewing the transfer queue
Click on Transfers menu to reveal the transfer queue.

Controlling the transfer queue:

  1. Select the item(s)
  2. Right click
  3. Select the behavior that you wish to occur to the selected transfers. This can include canceling them, pausing them, or modifying their priority.
  4. If you pause specific transfers but not all transfers through the menu any transfers that have not been paused individually will still occur.

5. Posting to Usenet
Before you can post to Usenet you will need to login to your control panel and request posting access at The Newshosting client only allows posting within text based newsgroups. To post a reply to a text newsgroup:

  1. Navigate to the text based newsgroup of your choice
  2. Find a post which you wish to reply to
  3. Click on the Reply button at the top of the newsgroup window
  4. Enter your reply in the text field that appears
  5. Click Send

6. Application Settings

In order to use the Newshosting client enter your active login information here. If your password does not work you can reset it here.

Usenet Index
Here you control thumbnail display and the default action dialogue for the general Usenet index.

Here you control the default search engine and if you wish to maintain a search history.

The General settings control private data such as: search history, download history, bookmarks and favorites. It also controls several user interface options.

The connection menu allows you to limit your download speed, specify which port to use, the number of connections and if you wish to use an SSL.

The downloads options include the default folder to save to, and if you wish to PAR2 and UnRAR the downloaded files once complete.

Import allows the setup of a watch folder.  A watch folder allows you to place NZB files into a specific folder which is monitored by the Newshosting client. The client can then automatically transfer the contents of the NZB.

The scheduler allows you to specify times of day to allow certain types of transfers. This is set by either all downloads, images or previews and in one hour increments over the 24 hour time frame. These settings will pause any active downloads.

You can manage video preview settings here.

Safe Search
Explicitly labeled adult content is filtered. Please note that as this is only for explicitly labeled content, not 100% of adult content is removed.

This is where you control the sender and header information for your text newsgroup posts.

7. Tips and Tricks
Many shortcuts are available to you in the interface simply by right clicking an item. For instance, right clicking on any file group will bring up options and actions available specific to that group, like "Downloading" immediately or "Show details". Right clicking on items being actively downloaded will allow you quick access to canceling that download or moving it around in priority.

Previews and Automatic Previews are sometimes available for video file groups. If a preview is available for a video, a button on the right side of the properties menu will be shown. There's also an icon alerting you to available previews.
Though many players work well, VLC Media Player is an open source, free media player that works best for viewing and using all types of video and audio content you find on Usenet. It can be found here.

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