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Usenet App Spotlight: NZBVortex

In sifting and probing through the Usenet scene for new and exciting apps, one of our team members came across a recent newcomer that’s all the buzz, it’s called NZBVortex.  NZBVortex is an extremely light-weight and feature rich application created for Mac OSX, designed specifically for the elite NZB downloader.  With a simple, easy to use user interface and robust feature load including multi-threaded downloading, Smart Par checking, auto file cleanup, RSS feed reader and auto-shutdown, NZBVortex is a must have for any true NZB connoisseur.  We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that NZBVortex does come with a small price tag of $14.99, but with the massive feature set and brilliant ease of use that this application offers, it is worth every penny.

To download a free trial and start downloading with NZBVortex today, head on over to http://www.nzbvortex.com  If you like this application as much as we do, buy a license and support the developers .

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